Handling of units related to simple climate modelling.

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OpenSCM-Units can be installed with pip, mamba or conda:

pip install openscm-units
mamba install -c conda-forge openscm-units
conda install -c conda-forge openscm-units

For developers#

For development, we rely on poetry for all our dependency management. To get started, you will need to make sure that poetry is installed (instructions here, we found that pipx and pip worked better to install on a Mac).

For all of work, we use our Makefile. You can read the instructions out and run the commands by hand if you wish, but we generally discourage this because it can be error prone. In order to create your environment, run make virtual-environment.

If there are any issues, the messages from the Makefile should guide you through. If not, please raise an issue in the issue tracker.

For the rest of our developer docs, please see Development.


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